Communicating with the outside world
Please be aware that there is no mobile phone signal within a couple of miles from Pennan.  This is why it makes it the perfect place to escape! 
However you cannot escape the internet as the cottage has Wi-Fi - SSID BTHub4-38N5 and the code is: 4 9 5 d 4 3 d c d f
The landline number is 01346 561268.  Feel free to use the phone.  There is also a red phone-box opposite the Pennan Inn (take lots of change). This is the phone box used in the 1983 film “Local Hero” which starred Burt Lancaster (DVD under telly). 

No smoking is permitted anywhere in the cottage.  There are smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on each level.

Our cottage is doggy friendly.  Please help yourself to biscuits in the jar; you can use the beds and feeding bowls provided if you like.  There are a few things that we would request:

  1. Keep your dog off the furniture and out of the bedrooms and bathrooms.
  2. Wipe the dog’s paws after it has been outside there is a towel hanging in the Hall cupboard if you do not have one. 

The kitchen is fully stocked with all condiments etc. for cooking and also tea and coffee (which are in the basket drawers in the kitchen).  Please help yourself.  Be aware that there are no shops in Pennan so you will need to bring your own food or head to Fraserburgh for Tesco or Asda or Banff for the Co-op (both places are reached in 25 mins by car.)

Instruction Manuals
Instruction Manuals for all the appliances can be found in the right hand drawer of the glass fronted crockery dresser.  Note that no foil to be used in the oven/grill.

Clocks on Oven & Microwave
For the microwave find the tiny button with the clock icon above and to the left of the red display.  Press and hold it for 3 seconds using a pen until the hour starts flashing and then let go.  Press the “+” or “-“ buttons to adjust the hours, press the clock icon button again, adjust the minutes and finally press the clock icon button one last time to set.  The oven of course is completely different!  Find the buttons below the red display, press and hold the 2nd (cooking pot) and 3rd (pot with stop on top) buttons and adjust the time by tapping the “+” or “-“ buttons. 
Pressing and holding them will speed up the adjustment.

Rubbish and Recycling
The bins are under the worktop to the right of the sink.  The left hand one is for general waste and the right hand one is for recycling.  Please line the bins with the blue bags.  When full take them to the rubbish and recycling bins which are 200 yards to the left at the end of the parking area.

The Rayburn
We would not recommend using the Rayburn in the summer and warmer spring months.  It’s incredibly warm when it gets going.  In the winter and autumn however it’s a treat.  Not only will it cook your food and warm your back, it also heats the water.  This is what you will need to do to get it going:

  1. Open bottom, left door and check ash pan.  Remove ash into a newspaper.
  2. Replace ash pan, close door and open circular vent 3 turns.
  3. Open vent at foot of flue on left hand side.
  4. Open top left hand door, insert a firelighter and light it with a match.
  5. Carefully build around the firelighter with a dozen pieces of coal.
  6. Leave for 20 minutes or until coal burning well and then add more coal.
  7. Close vent at foot of flue on left hand side.
  8. Adjust circular vent to be open with a quarter of 1 turn.
  9. Add coal as necessary and open circular vent as required.
  10. At bedtime fill with coal right up to the bottom of the door.
  11. Once it heats up, the hot water tank will automatically be heated and you should turn the rocker switch in the hall cupboard to “Off”.
  12. The hot water will become very hot and it is a good idea to have at least one bath in the morning and one in the evening to take the pressure off the hot water tank!

Most Crockery, cutlery and glassware can go in the dishwasher with the following exceptions which need to be hand-washed:
               Blender and accessories, cutting boards and small silver spoons

The storage heaters/radiators use off-peak electricity.  The controls are set for the time of year.  The left hand dial boosts the heat in the morning or evening and is generally not used.  The right hand dial sets the temperature so if too hot or too cold adjust accordingly. 
The 2 bedroom heaters can also be used as conventional heaters by pressing the rocker switch.  Don’t forget to turn them off again.  There is also a conventional heater under the oven which is useful to give a boost of heat for a short period, especially on arrival.The Wood Burning Stove in the lounge is great.  If you have not used one before this is what you need to do to get it “glowing”:

  1. Check ash pan and empty.
  2. Open circular vent by 3 turns.
  3. Open the fire door, place a firelighter in the middle and light it with a match.
  4. Insert a couple of logs and then close the door.

Showers and Spa Bath
The showers are electric and need to be switched on outside the bathroom and shower room to the right of the doors.  As the water is heated as you shower, there will always be hot water.  The bath hot water comes from the hot water tank which is controlled by the switch in the hall cupboard so there will be enough water for 1 bath every morning.  At other times you will need to turn the dial on the control to 2 hours to heat the water.  Note that the spa button should only be pressed when the water level is above the jet holes in the bath otherwise the motor will burn out!

Hair Dryer
A hair dryer can be found in the wardrobe in the downstairs bedroom.

There is a Panasonic HDTV, Humax HD digital recorder and a Sony PlayStation 3 for playing Blu-ray/DVDs and games.
The Panasonic HDTV has built in Freeview HD.  If the red light is on in the bottom left hand corner then it is in standby mode otherwise switch on at the wall behind the TV.  On the silver controller press the red button to turn on the TV, press the GUIDE button to see the program schedule and use the up and down arrows and the OK button to select the channel.
To select the Humax (if you want to record a program) or the Sony PS3 for DVDs or games ensure the box is switched on – Humax green button on Humax controller – Sony PS3 I/O button with the red light on the box –  on the silver controller press the Home button, select Devices and select Humax or Sony PS3.To record a program on the Humax, use the GUIDE button to select the program and press REC.  
To watch a recorded program press the MEDIA button and select the program.
To watch a DVD insert the disc into the player, on the Sony controller hit the left arrow button until you highlight video, hit the down arrow button until you highlight the DVD and then press ENTER.  Once finished, eject the DVD and on the PS3 box press the I/O button with the green light to switch off.  (As no guests have managed follow my instructions to work the DVD player to date call me on 07958 523425 if you get stuck as I want to know where everybody is going wrong!) 


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