Before you leave

If there have been any accidents, breakages or spillages please let us know by
sending a text to 07958 523425 or email to with the details.

  1. All used towels and robes should be left in the bath or shower.
  2. Put all dirty dishes, cutlery, pots etc. in the dishwasher and switch it on.
  3. Please refill the bucket by the wood burning stove and the scuttle by the Rayburn from the coal bunker behind the cottage (adjacent to fridge through the wall).
  4. Take the blue kitchen bin bags to the general waste bin and recycling bin (empty blue recycling bag into recycling and put blue bag in general waste bin).
  5. Heated towel rail switches.  The control for the bathroom is in the kitchen cupboard to the left of the ironing board and the control for the shower room is to the right of the shower room door.  Press the “+” key repeatedly until you can see “Off”.  
  6. Hot water control-switch in hall cupboard.  Set the rocker switch to “Off”.
  7. Ensure all electrical appliances and lights are switched off.
  8. Leave £60 in front of the glasses cabinet for the cleaner.
  9. Lock the front door

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